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I <3 William Shatner on Twitter

I love how they respond to him, as if he is actually a captain, even more.

Vulcan Salute


So…I know there’s a lot of people that get pissed off when people tuck their thumbs in doing a vulcan salute. Yes, this is incorrect, but I’m not sure a lot of people know why! I’m here to explain it!

So Vulcan philosophy is based on five main concepts, all of which are represented in the hand sign.

Nome: The ring finger represents Nome, meaning “all”. All things in the universe combined make existance worthwhile.

Idic: Invinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations. This is the pinky finger. To achieve knowledge, one must accept all diverse possibilities.

The Doctrine of the Domination of Logic: The middle finger is the belief that Logic should dictate every thought and action.

Reverence for Life: This is the index finger. Vulcans respect every aspect of life, no matter what the circumstances.

Privacy: This is the important part. The thumb stands alone to represent the high regard that the Vulcan people have for individual privacy.

Nome-Idic together is to represent the joining of diverse things in order to create more meaning. This is separated from Logic-Reverence for Life because Nome-Idic includes emotion. It recognizes that emotion creates meaning and beauty and is part of the Nome.

This solute, combined with the phrase “Dif tor heh smusma”(Live long and Prosper) is essentially a Vulcan telling you that you may believe anything you like and that he or she is respecting any opinion or way of life you may have. It is also them offering to teach you about themselves or anything they know, hoping for some knowledge in return, so both parties may better themselves.

Just thought this bit of information might be interesting/helpful!

Live long and prosper.



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The thing that terrifies the most about talking to people about Star Trek is that if they ask me what my favourite creature from ST is, I will have to unironically answer that it’s the unicorn dog from The Enemy Within







Star Trek concept art, Enterprise interior sets - Mike Minor (1977)

why is this post not being reblogged all over my dash in an orgiastic frenzy of delight LOOK AT IT

These are beautiful

Such detail!

Oh wow, I would have loved if we’d had camera angles like the first image in TOS. These are so fantastic, there’s this real haze of ethereal future on them.


sometimes i cannot believe that this is a real show that ever existed


sometimes i cannot believe that this is a real show that ever existed


Surprised Bashir. 

You’re lucky you’re pretty.


The tumblr app gets a little confused sometimes


The tumblr app gets a little confused sometimes